A trip down Iqbal’s works will help us unearth some buried roots along with establishing a connection
with our lost glory. Moreover, Iqbal’s focus on Khudi (self-hood), Shaheen (symbolism of eagle) and
Khoon-e-jigar (purity of soul) will also be deconstructed in this show. The show will be presented in the
form of a monologue and the episodes of the show will be based on a variety of verses said by Iqbal to
pay homage to one of the greatest literary scholars of 20th Century.



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The show is focused on the subject of Iqbaliyat and the spirit of Iqbal. 

The range and depth of Iqbal’s (often known as Allama Iqbal) knowledge is astounding. This is reflected in his views as well as the works he produced. The need to comprehend Iqbal today is significant than ever hence Alief has come up with a segment, Themes of Iqbal to dissect the philosophy and worldview of Iqbal.

  1. To revitalize the spirit of Iqbal 
  2. To convey Iqbal’s worldview to the youth of Iqbal