Raz E Hasti

The human need to know and comprehend is the driving factor behind our growth as Homo sapiens. When dug deeper, it gives birth to curiosity which is a natural instinct. Curiosity is so deeply entrenched in us that it aids our learning as newborns and our survival as adults. It is important to be cognizant of the inherent needs and to fill that void Alief came up with the idea of augmenting a show called “Raaz E Hasti”.¬†



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The show is focused on answering questions revolving around self, identity and the purpose of existence. History of Ideas is going to be divided in three seasons. First season will emphasize world history of idea. Second one is going to be focused on Islamic Episteme and third and final season is going to delve into the modern theories of today.

When you investigate and satisfy your curiosity, your brain releases dopamine into your body, making you feel better. This incentive system makes it more likely that you’ll attempt to satisfy your curiosity again in the future. Nevertheless, in this day and age the curiosity state is being repressed with the acceleration of technology. That is where Alief’s History of Ideas comes in.

  1. To satiate the inherent need of curiosity 
  2. To comprehend world theories 
  3. To answer questions revolving around self, identity and the purpose of existence