We receive insight and wisdom of the world by reading the some of the Great Books of time and that is how we begin to grasp the knowledge of the world. However, book reading culture is declining with the passage of time and to immortalize the knowledge, Alief has designed “Kitaab Kahani”. 



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Kitaab Kahani is focused on introducing the greatest authors of history. In this segment, the important part of the books will be filmed to pique the interest of the audience. Moreover, the host will also analyze the book and open a discourse on paramount works of literature.

These texts serve as our guide through life, providing us with morality, insight, and a broader perspective. The books do not examine “ancient” beliefs and concepts, but rather those that transcend time and culture, are present in our lives now, and will most likely remain for as long as humanity exists and that is where Alief recognized the need for “kitaab kahani”.

  1. To encourage reading culture
  2. To make books accessible for readers
  3. To instigate literary discourse